Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fist Bump: Mack From Mack's Mets

Some big news for this blog: Mack from Mack's Mets has been kind enough to allow me to contribute to his site, which I will do occasionally throughout the course of the 2009 season. Mack, of course, contributes a daily "Mack Attack" at Flushing University and he is the site's resident minor-league guru.

It will still be Mack's blog, first and foremost, but I am honored that he's even giving me the opportunity to link my work there. (His site also averages about 30 times more hits than Productive Outs does, so I'm hoping that linking there will boost readership here!) Mack will undoubtedly continue to provide the lion's share of content at his site, including his insights about minor league and amateur baseball and his extensive knowledge of the Mets' farm system.

I will usually link to posts from this blog, while providing the occasional original piece related to the minor league system for Mack's Mets. If you haven't already added Mack's Mets to your links, do so right now!

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Mack said...

watch out for that guy Mack... he's very unstable...