Friday, June 12, 2009

Baseball Like It Oughta Be (Flushing University)

The outcome was disappointing, but the Mets showed passion and fire during their three-game tumble with the Phillies last week. It produced some compelling baseball and provided an intensity that the Mets need to retain. Read more here ...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting a positive spin on the fact that:

1) we just lost 2 of 3 to our main rival by blowing late inning chances, failing to get clutch hits and continuing to make boneheaded mistakes,

2) some Double-A teams would be embarassed to sport the lineup we trot out there now,

3) I have a stuttering problem

My feeling is you wrote most of this positive article after Game 1 of the Phils series, and after we tanked the last 2 games you didn't want to go back and rewrite another column. Works out for me, but that's sheer laziness, Johnny.

Omar Minaya

Jack Flynn said...

Omar, you're one of about 10 loyal readers, so I don't like to disappoint. You're not wrong about the first three points, except that the team is missing two of its four stars, which can make any National League lineup look thin.

You are wrong about the last point, though. I wrote this column at about 10 pm last night, basically because I couldn't think of anything else to write. That probably qualifies as laziness anyway, but I don't keep articles in the can for use at a later date.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Johnny, I didn't mean to offend. Enjoy the Subway Series.


TW said...

I wonder how good the Phillies would be if Rollins and Howard?

Quit your bellyaching, Omar, and get a bat!

TW said...

...if Rollins and Howard (were out of the lineup?)