Friday, July 17, 2009

Roster Moves: Catching Up

The roster has been turned over quite a bit since I threw my hissy fit - let's go back and briefly recap how we've gotten to this point.

* John Maine and JJ Putz went on the disabled list. I'm worried about Maine; I get the feeling that his shoulder is just never going to fully rebound from last year's injury. Nieve replaced Maine initially and got off to a great start, but has faltered in his last three outings. Putz had elbow surgery and is supposed to come back in September, but I think it's far more likely that he's pitched his final game in a Mets uniform. His onerous 2010 option simply cannot be picked up.

* Oliver Perez has returned to the big club after his early-season exile, but doesn't look that much different. He is nominally the #3 starter and the runaway leader for the Mets' version of the Worst Contract on the Team award. Two more years of this guy?

* Tim Redding has been moved to the bullpen, while Pat Misch and Elmer Dessens have taken bullpen jobs as well. Ken Takahashi was sent to Buffalo. I can't imagine Misch or Dessens will be on the team much longer, but modern baseball has given advent to the 13-man pitching staff, God help us all.

* Ramon Castro was given away for nothing, but he wasn't worth much more than that anyway. Omir Santos has been getting regular time behind the plate - nobody seems to mind that he has a .301 OBP and is having trouble throwing out base-stealers.

* Alex Cora has come off the DL and gone into a huge slump. Is Jose Reyes ever coming back? Ramon Martinez and Wilson Valdez are down in Buffalo.

* Angel Berroa. It never ends.

* What else can I say about the Francouer deal? If the Mets non-tender him after the season, or convince some other patsy to take him on before non-tendering him, then I guess the deal won't be so bad. Carlos Beltran and Fernando Martinez are both on the DL - Beltran because of chronic organizational mismanagement and Martinez because he is injury-prone. Is there a worse outfield in the National League right now?

Johan Santana
Mike Pelfrey
Oliver Perez
Livan Hernandez
Fernando Nieve
John Maine - DL

Francisco Rodriguez (closer)
Brian Stokes
Bobby Parnell
Sean Green
Pedro Feliciano
Elmer Dessens
Pat Misch
Tim Redding
JJ Putz - DL

Brian Schneider
Omir Santos

Daniel Murphy
Luis Castillo
David Wright
Alex Cora
Fernando Tatis
Angel Berroa
Carlos Delgado - DL
Jose Reyes - DL

Gary Sheffield
Jeff Francouer
Jeremy Reed
Angel Pagan
Carlos Beltran - DL
Fernando Martinez - DL


TW said...

Lance Broadway was the #2 arm in the White Sox minor leagues. That's who they got for Castro.

James Allen said...

Good to have you back, Jack. By the way, get a glove, you're playing left today.

Jack Flynn said...

Tim: Lance Broadway stinks (and has not been a top prospect since 2006). I stand by my original statement.

James: I wish I could say that it's good to be back, but this team is boring a hole through the lining of my stomach!