Friday, August 14, 2009

No Respect!

So I've sent the link to this site to something in the range of 30 times over the last year. For some reason, I can't seem to crack their blog roll. Perhaps it is because Metsblog gets an enormous amount of traffic (averaging nearly 90,000 hits a day this week) and I get virtually none - approximately 11 hits a day this week. I need him far more than he needs me!

Today, to add insult to injury, Metsblog linked to my short piece on Steven Matz yesterday. Of course, they linked to the excerpt from Mack's Mets and credited Mack with the piece! Actually, I have to consider this a sign of progress - hopefully Metsblog will take notice of PO and CJ's existence and add me to the reading list. Being on that list would certainly increase my visibility.

(IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: No knocks here on Matt Cerrone, who has clearly set the standard for success with Mets blogs. Metsblog links the Mack's Mets version of my piece, and even the second-hand exposure increased traffic here over 1,500 percent! Matt, if you're reading this, thanks for sending your readers my way!)

I also have to thank Mack again for being kind enough to allow me to link and contribute to his blog - Mack's Mets has been responsible for directing quite a few new readers my way. If you are a Mets fan and you aren't visiting his site every day, you are missing out on consistently terrific and informative pieces about the big club and the minor-league system.

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JE said...

Congrats on the site's new look, Jack!

Regarding MetsBlog, you are WAY too kind to Cerrone. The comments section is polluted with morons, and yet, Cerrone still makes newbies audition before having their comments posted!