Saturday, February 27, 2010

A River in Egypt

The Mets payroll is at approximately $130 million right now, or nearly $20 million less than last season.

Kelvim Escobar may start the season on the disabled list - which makes him the perfect eighth-inning replacement for JJ Putz in more ways than one.

Felipe Lopez just signed with the Cardinals for $2 million this season - the exact same amount as Alex Cora signed for with the Mets, except that Lopez's deal is only for one year. Felipe Lopez is a better baseball player than Alex Cora.

The top four starters from last year's subpar starting rotation hasn't changed. The bullpen may look different, with the off-season influx of Japanese middle relievers, but there's no reason to believe it will not be just as volatile in 2010. Carlos Beltran will be on the shelf for at least a month to start the season - and maybe more. Jeff Francouer, Daniel Murphy and Rod Barajas are the 6-7-8 hitters - and the scary thing is that there's no one in the organization who can reasonably expected to do better.

Yet the talking point from Port St. Lucie is that this is basically the same team picked to win the World Series in Sports Illustrated last year, except now it is miraculously injury-free.

Is anyone really falling for this?

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TW said...

Again, there you are in the middle of a forest complaining there aren't any trees around.

Even with Abraham, Martin and John, this team would still have to deal with the defending NL Champs down, and that in itself is a daunting prospect.

Rather than be enraged by moves the front office has don or not done, I have taken a deep breath and looked at the bright side.

The Mets seem to be committed to allowing their minor league prospects, play in the minor leagues.

This is the same team, more or less than last year, and you picked that team to win 84 games. Winning 81 would be an improvement.

I have the benefit of watching spring training games and the names Tejada, Newenhuis, Mejia or Stoner may not mean anything to the untrained eye, but they are all budding major leaguers that will be on this team in two years tops.

Oh and next years free agency class is 10 times better than thispast winter's but you want to rant and rave about Felipe Lopez, who reportedly is a pox on every clubhouse he's walked into.

Take a deep breath...there, do you feel better? Now repeat after me...

This team was never going to win this season anyway.