Thursday, April 15, 2010


No knock on Jenrry Mejia here, because he doesn't belong in the big leagues anyway. At what point will Omar Minaya admit it was stupid to listen to Jerry Manuel on this one and send Mejia back to Binghamton? Apparently, stupid is as stupid does.


TW said...

It seems there is a lot of internal debate on this issue. Its Jerry that is responsible for keeping him up.

This kid has to be a starter. Has to be in the minors, right now preparing for that, but don't throw blind rage. Sure its Omar's final decision but he certainly isn't the strongest voice for Mejia being up.

Jack Flynn said...

Blind rage? I'm too numb to the incompetence for blind rage. It's just one more mistake from a franchise that is mismanaged in every aspect.

This team should be a money-making juggernaut in the Yankees/Red Sox mold. Instead, it is the biggest joke in baseball. Again. Do you realize that I am 33 years old and I can think of four distinct periods (1979-83, 1993, the Art Howe years and right now) where the Mets have been the laughingstock of baseball?

TW said...

I guess I was referring to my blind rage.

None of those periods were as long as the Yankees poor period of the 1984-1993. Remember that Steinbrenner was a pariah during this time and even temporarily banned from the game. Meachem and Berra, Ed Whitson, a no-hit loss and Brien Taylor. Steinbrenner will ultimately be remembered as a titan in the game like Comisky although Comisky was a penny pinching prick who screwed his players and the game every chance he got. It stands to reason that there is a precedent to this ownership seeing the light and turning it around. I know that's a weak argument but we have to hang our hat on something.

I'm a Met fan, I can't be anything else, and neither can you. And not to cross-comment to let your niece be anything but a Met fan is irresponsible and unconscionable.