Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jeff Francouer

Frenchie's stat line on April 12 (6 games): .476/.538/1.000
Frenchie's stat line since (28 games): .184/.245/.276

How many more times are baseball fans going to be fooled by Jeff Francouer?


TW said...

Go to one of your exalted metrics and see how many runs he's saved.

Jack Flynn said...

Fangraphs says he's 11th in UZR among all RFs. The defense drags his WAR all the way to 0.3, which makes him 22nd among RFs.

TW said...

Fair enough, off with his head!

I'm saying, 11th isn't bad, does that number include the base runners who don't test his arm? The ones who don't even test him from 2nd to 3rd? Or the few times this year when he cut balls off in the gap and kept guys at 1st?

I've watched every game this year and have been overly impressed with the outfield defense as a whole this year. Its one of the major reasons why this team is still a game over .500.

Jack Flynn said...

I'm not sure how arm strength/defensive assist factors into WAR or UZR. I know Fangraphs has an Arm metric - that has him tied for fourth among RFs with Jayson Werth and Ben Zobrist.

I am not knocking Francouer's defense. The problem is that he hits like a fifth outfielder/defensive replacement and would be best suited in that role.