Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Head Scratcher: 7/22/08

Batting seventh for the New York Mets tonight: Marlon Anderson. Batting eighth for the New York Mets tonight: Ramon Castro. A side-by-side comparison going into the game:

Anderson - .205/.242/.286 with one home run in 112 at-bats
Castro - .289/.359/.494 with four home runs in 83 at-bats

Does that make any kind of sense? I thought we left this type of silliness behind when the Mets fired their manager last month.

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James Allen said...

Castro should be batting 6th, to be perfectly honest. At least the Phils were nice enough to walk Anderson (piece of garbage that he is) in the 6th ahead of Castro's HR. Head scratcher indeed.

And, oh yeah, the ninth inning. I'll just dive right in:

1) Santana has to pitch the ninth. It would've been a great thing all around. He has to go up to Manuel and say, "no closer, no problem, I'll finish the job, skip." This team does not want to go for the kill for some reason, leading me to...

2) I can sort of forgive the first time Chavez was thrown out, but the second time was stupid. No outs, single to short right? Ran themselves out of a big inning. "I hope that doesn't cost them" is what I said at the time.

I could go on about what Reyes was thinking or why the outfield was so shallow, but the main theme is Santana. If he was going to have one complete game this year, this should've been it. He would've spelled the pen, earned the win on his own, and shown that the $130 million ace can go the distance in games. But now we're going to go back to Santana quietly carping about the wins he should've had and all the rest of it. You fucked up, Jerry, you really did. You had sole first place in your hands, and you muffed it. Way to go.