Saturday, August 9, 2008

Roster Move: Stokes Replaces Lugo, Who Got Here Billy Wagner Went on the 15-Day DL

OK, let's try to catch up: Brian Stokes starts today. He's the guy taking John Maine's start and will probably get blasted, because Brian Stokes is not a good pitcher. He's replacing Ruddy Lugo, who was on the roster because Billy Wagner went on the DL earlier this week. As the Mets' bullpen has proven this week, anyone can blow saves, so you'll forgive me if I don't give a damn about losing Billy Wagner.

I loved seeing Aaron Heilman go two innings last night to get the save. That's what a closer does - gets all the outs his team needs and puts the game away. Wagner is an overpaid relief specialist who has already blown seven saves this season. If Jerry Manuel does a better job mixing and matching his bullpen and ignoring conventional wisdom (like he did with Heilman last night) the Mets will be fine without him.

Let's take a look at the active roster now:

Johan Santana
Oliver Perez
Mike Pelfrey
Pedro Martinez
Brian Stokes
John Maine - DL

Aaron Heilman
Duaner Sanchez
Pedro Feliciano
Scott Schoeneweis
Joe Smith
Carlos Muniz
Eddie Kunz
Billy Wagner (closer) - DL

Brian Schneider
Ramon Castro
Robinson Cancel

Carlos Delgado
Damion Easley
David Wright
Jose Reyes
Argenis Reyes
Luis Castillo-DL

Dan Murphy
Nick Evans
Carlos Beltran
Fernando Tatis
Endy Chavez
Marlon Anderson - DL
Ryan Church - DL

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James Allen said...

I agree with your non-love of Billy Wagner. Someone please tell me what's so damn special about him?