Thursday, February 5, 2009

Roster Move: Perez Signs Three-Year Deal

This isn't exactly breaking news, but I'm trying to keep things steady here. I've been threatening to start writing again all winter, but with Spring Training nearly upon us I know I have to get back in gear. I'll be writing columns for Flushing University again this year; I'm told that an impressive stable of writers is being collected and that big plans are in store for the site. If you haven't visited the message boards lately, get over there and start posting.

As for Ollie - he's not worth $12 million a year. That much should be obvious. The Mets stuck to their guns and only made a three-year commitment here, which I guess is a moral victory, although I don't understand why they wouldn't want a club option for the fourth year just in case Perez finally puts it all together.

I still enjoy watching him pitch, because you get the feeling he can be magnificent every time he takes the mound. It's not a matter of stuff with Perez; it's a matter of getting that stuff over the plate often enough to get batters out consistently. I've never once seen a player who suddenly found consistency after being handed three years of job security and guaranteed fat paychecks, but Perez will be no worse than a fourth starter throughout the length of his contract.

Johan Santana*
Oliver Perez
Tim Redding
Mike Pelfrey
John Maine
Jon Niese (renewable)

Francisco Rodriguez*
JJ Putz
Pedro Feliciano
Duaner Sanchez
Darren O'Day (Rule V)
Rocky Cherry (Rule V)
Brian Stokes (renewable)
Sean Green (renewable)
Eddie Kunz (renewable)
Carlos Muniz (renewable)
Robert Parnell (renewable)
Conor Robertson (renewable)
Brandon Knight (renewable)
Billy Wagner (out for 2009 season)

Brian Schneider
Ramon Castro
Robinson Cancel (renewable)

Carlos Delgado*
Luis Castillo
David Wright
Jose Reyes
Alex Cora

Carlos Beltran
Ryan Church
Marlon Anderson
Fernando Tatis*
Jeremy Reed
Cory Sullivan
Angel Pagan
Daniel Murphy (renewable)
Nick Evans (renewable)

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