Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It Never Ends

Thanks, Jon Heyman.

If I need to tell you that signing a 35-year-old catcher who runs slower than I do and had a .285 OBP last year is a mistake, then you may have accidentally wandered over here from LOLCats. If the idea of spending $6 million on a "strong-armed" catcher that threw out only 23 percent of base-stealers in 2009 seems like a good one, than you may be Omar Minaya and/or his dog. (Only renowned noodle arms AJ Pierzynski and Jason Varitek allowed more runners to steal on them last year.)

But hey, the Giants didn't offer Molina arbitration, so the Mets can keep their second-round pick and toe the line on slot recommendations again next June!


TW said...

Would this be the same Molina you suggested to me they should sign to a one year deal just two months ago?

Jack Flynn said...

No chance that was me. When do I ever advocate for old catchers who can't get on base?