Thursday, December 3, 2009

Roster Move: Mets Sign Another Old Guy

Henry Blanco? Really? Who's next, Charles Johnson?

Look, Blanco's defensive skills may still be intact (he threw out 40 percent of base-stealers last year), and he may have also been a mentor to Geovany Soto during his breakout 2008 season. But there is just no rational explanation for doubling Blanco's salary after a season where he appeared in just 67 games and batted .232/.320/.382. If the Mets are going to give $1.5 million to the likes of Henry Blanco, then I don't want to hear another word about the Wilpons having financial concerns.

(Actually, this move signals everything I hate about the Mets right now - this organiation would rather give $1.5 million to a 37-year-old backup catcher then to pay over-slot for a first-round draft pick. It is the very definition of penny-wise and pound-foolish.)

This would seemingly signal the end of Omir Santos's career in New York - a move that I am hardly lamenting. Mets fans have a bad habit of thinking that a good three-week stretch from a player is an indicator of All-Star potential. Too many people drank the Kool-Aid with Santos, a career minor leaguer who would be lucky to bat over .200 if he gets 100 major league at-bats next season.

By the way, Mack from Mack's Mets points out that Chris Coste will be well received in Buffalo, which is where he's apparently ticketed to go now that Blanco is in the fold. He also predicts that Bengie Molina will be the next 35-and-over catcher signed by the Mets - a move that will push me into full-meltdown mode.


TW said...

Santos had better than a three week stretch. That said, he was a back up as is Blanco. You'd think they were bringing in catchers to compete as you would bring in arms to compete for the #5 starter spot. Molina, as you pointed out at the beer garden, signed to a one year, wouldn't be terrible, but your selective memory has you jumping off a cliff instead.

Jack Flynn said...

The only way I would've said that is if I was already drunk. I want nothing to do with Bengie Molina, period. The worst thing is, the Mets aren't even looking at a one-year deal - they are looking at a multi-year deal.

JE said...

Picking up on a recent AA post, Jack, a Molina/Blanco combo against right-handed pitching is frighteningly bad. On the other hand, Blanco is a decent back-up catcher so let's not suggest that, on its own, the signing is on par with $2M for another year of Cora.

TW said...

This is why you can't be trusted. You said it, I heard you and voiced my displeasure.