Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Link Review: Blastings! Thrilledge

We welcome a new site to the blogroll today - Blastings! Thrilledge. My readers know I am a huge Lastings Milledge fan and that I was distraught when they traded him. I think it's safe to say that JP feels the same way. Their general link section is terrific (I'm glad to be there!) and also includes a compendium of Milledge-related stories. This is more than just a Milledge fansite though; JP has kicked his regular posting into gear during the season and has been adding insightful non-Lastings related analysis.

JP also posts at Mets Geek, which is going to get added to the blogroll just for being a good Mets site. He appears to be a fairly regular contributor there as well, but make sure you bookmark Blastings! Thrilledge first.

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