Friday, April 18, 2008

Link Review: Ketchup On Your Ice Cream

Being linked on Blastings! Thrilledge has already paid some dividends. Early this morning I received a comment from someone referred by JP's site who was complimentary of last's night's exercise in First Guessing. I came to find that this person had linked me on their site, Ketchup On Your Ice Cream, so now I'm returning the favor.

Like Blastings, KOYIC is a Lastings Milledge-centric Mets blog. The blog's unique name comes from a Rick Peterson quote; if I didn't know better, I would think Rick had smoked something very potent before coming up with the analogy! MP is defeinitely a Milledge fan, but he adds a lot of sarcasm and wit to his views on the Mets and on other figures around the game of baseball. Anyone who pisses in Phil Mushnick's cornflakes is all right with me!

1 comment:

MP said...

Always appreciate a good word. I doubt I'll generate much traffic to your site with my loyal readership of 6 or so - but hopefully I can send some cross-traffic this way.

And while I've been Lastings-centric for a while I try and branch out as much as I can. Keep the good work coming - insightful Mets blogs written by people with a sabermetric soft-spot are few and far between. Being somewhat of a noob to the whole statistical revolution I try and gain as much knowledge as I can through osmosis.