Wednesday, September 17, 2008

As The End Drew Near (Flushing University)

As the Mets continue their second straight September stumble, the final inning of Tuesday night's game played out in disappointing fashion. Disappointing - but hardly surprising. Read more here ...


Annie said...

I wish I were as confident as you. But perhaps, maybe I am more familiar with "small town" America. (See most recent post). I just fear that people are not seeing through the rhetoric. Although the interview was laughable, wasn't it?

Guess who I spoke with today? Mike McCorvey! (I called him to lament the amount of ignorance I face daily... I guess I should have called you :)

He is up at BC and sounded great.

I hope all is well!!!

James Allen said...

Re: Mets 9-7 win

Nothing's easy, is it? The Mets used so many pitchers last night that Tony LaRussa was quoted as saying, "Damn, the Mets use a lot of pitchers." They even flashed a stat last night that the Mets lead the league in pitching changes per game (3.4). I'm glad I'm not the one that has to keep track of that stuff.

And the middle of the order broke out last night. Well, most of the middle of the order. David Wright continues to press, going 0 for 5 (2 K's) and making a very sloppy error that made the ninth more dramatic than it should've been. The last thing this team needs is for Wright to go south at this point. He needs an icewater transfusion or something before this kind of stuff becomes a pattern.