Monday, September 29, 2008


Oh, for Christ's sake.

NEW YORK -- Despite all the expectations, the what-ifs and the could-have-beens, Mets CEO Jeff Wilpon managed to muster a few positives Sunday on the final day of his team's 2008 season.

"I think we overachieved based on what we had," Wilpon said ...

"I think we underachieved last year, and I think we overachieved this year," Wilpon said. "Look who our second baseman was. Look who our left fielder was. Look who was in our bullpen. No Billy Wagner, no John Maine. You can go right down the list of what happened."

And so the Mets, Wilpon insisted, had succeeded simply by being in playoff contention on the season's final Sunday. Though he stopped short of lauding manager Jerry Manuel, saying he needed first to discuss the issue with general manager Omar Minaya, Wilpon indicated that he was quite pleased with the bulk of his uniformed personnel ...

The Mets might not see any momentous personnel changes between now and April, but that's not grounds for pessimism.

So when asked if the Mets are planning on making any significant changes in the coming months, Wilpon simply grinned.

"We are," he said. "We're moving to a new ballpark."

How could Fred Wilpon have made so many millions of dollars in real estate while simultaneously producing a human being so tone-deaf and out of touch? How can you say something like this just hours after the second straight mortifying collapse to end your franchise's season? When is someone finally going to lock Jeffy in the converted luxury suite/ apartment that Daddy made for him so he can stop embarrassing himself and his family?

If this the type of thinking we can expect from the man allegedly in charge of baseball operations, then as fans we may as well just burn this entire franchise to the ground. Hey Sonny Boy, who gave guaranteed contracts to the second baseman (Luis Castillo) and the left fielder (Moises Alou) that you're referring to? Better yet, who counted on Orlando Hernandez to be the #5 starter or signed Marlon Anderson a two-year deal in the offseason? Who put together this $138 million band of "overachievers" that suddenly stopped overachieving in mid-September for the second straight year?

The guy you're about to give a four-year contract extension to, that's who.

Oh, and Billy Wagner was actually on the active roster for four months, Jeffy, and he led the league in blown saves while he was trying to close out games. John Maine only missed the final month of the season, and the Mets went with a four-man rotation nearly half of the time. Why are you making excuses for these losers?

It looks like the manager is coming back, too, although Jerry Manuel's return is far more justifiable than Omar Minaya's. No changes from above, and now the owner's kid is saying not to expect many changes from below either. Exactly what, then, is going to prevent this particular trend from continuing?

2007 Mets: 5-12
2007 Phillies: 13-4

2008 Mets: 7-10
2008 Phillies: 13-3


tim said...

We should be 8-8 next year. a garunteed playoff spot! WOOOO!

Brian said...

"Of course things will be different," Jeff grinned; "Next year, I will make even more money off of you clowns, and that's not even counting the 400+ million I got as a gift from the city of New York! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! LOSERS!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

He then proceeded to pull a piece of candy from his pocket, unwrap it and hold it close to a small child. Fred Wilpon asked, "Do you like candy?" The child said "yes sir!". To which Jeff replied. tough luck!!! And threw it in the ground. The kid then cried and asked Jeff why he at least didn't eat the candy himself. "I own the company!!" Wilpon shouted..."I don't have to!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Loser baby! You'll never own a candy company!!! You'll never be rich like me!! Chew on that!!! HAHAHAHA!!"

Then he opened another piece of candy and offered it to the child. When the child offered Wilpon said the exact same thing; only this time, he laughed more intensely.

Then he offered the child a third piece of candy. The child said no and walked away. Wilpon asked the child, as he was leaving, "why?"

The child replied: "I'm not a Mets fan".

The End