Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where's Jack?

See if you can find the Featured Blogger in these pictures:


James Allen said...

Ha! I got it. It's a trick question. The answer is right fielder Kosuke Fukudome, whose Japanese language blog has become a must read for Cubs fans from the land of the midnight sun. Hatori Hanzo himself, Sonny Chiba, rates it as a daily must read.

tim said...

Although I saw no donkeys in the stands, that is you wearing your black mets jersey with a white long sleeve. And I guessed before recalling the pic you sent last night. It's your gangly arm cheering for a team that doesn't "deserve" to make it to the playoffs, that made you stand out. Well, cheer on with your stickball bat arms! You were probably thinking as you cheered that your arm would be visible on TV, you egotistical bastard!

Sonny Chiba is the ultimate.

James Allen said...

Tim said:

It's your gangly arm cheering for a team that doesn't "deserve" to make it to the playoffs, that made you stand out.

I assure you, he was cheering ironically. (Historically speaking, the most common form of Mets cheer.)

James Allen said...

By the way, I love this story about the Rays and their lack of candidate to throw out a first pitch:

"We don't have anyone to throw out the ball for our first playoff game," Tampa Bay President Matt Silverman said. "MLB asked us who it'd be. We realized nobody in the history of the franchise had done anything to be worthy of the honor."

The first thought that popped into my head was, "Is Jim Duquette available?"

James Allen said...



James Allen said...


Forget what I said before. Ollie had the nibble disease (how many guys did he walk that he had 0-2?) and we're in the pen in the 5th.

Welcome to the roller coaster. Good thing the Braves are keeping things interesting.

James Allen said...

A leadoff fucking triple in the bottom of the ninth... and zip.

Jesus Christ this team is creative in the art of busting balls...

James Allen said...

David Wright.

No one out.

Man on third.


That's about the size of it. Call me when you grow hair on your balls.

Point being; David Wright is a good player, but he doesn't have "it." It's a rough label I know, but there we are.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Jack Flynn said...

Recap of today's comments:

* I am not Kosuke Fukudome.
* My seats for Tuesday's game were so good Tim could see me on TV. He was jealous.
* Sonny Chiba?
* No history is better than our history.
* Deserving? Undeserving? Depends on what inning it is.

tim said...

I was being nice by not calling you a Jackass.

I'm jealous only because I can't watch the games from my current residence in the stone age

Sonny Chiba?! Are you serious? Look him up, you loser! That's the problem with this world, people think the Fonz is kool because they don't know who Sonny Chiba is. It's like Aristotle's cave allegory, you're looking at the reflection of light, not light itself.

Duquette is a pretty decent choice, or Rick Peterson, or Victor Zambrano.

The Phillies have lost two in a row, I guess they don't deserve it either.

Jack Flynn said...

The Phillies made a point of winning 10 of their last 11 before losing a couple of games. hat's why they still deserve it and the Mets do not.