Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Get a Goddamn Grip

You've been playing a child's game professionally for 16 years. You've made over $65 million in salary alone. You're going to make $10.5 million in 2009 for not working.

So what the hell are you crying about? Because your 10-year-old son wants to keep watching you pitch? C'mon now. Buy the kid a video game and some ice cream and let him stay up a half-hour later tonight and he'll be fine. (Can you tell that I'm not a parent?)

I will never understand the tearful press conferences athletes hold when they have an injury or when they retire. I happen to like my job too, but if someone told me I could retire tomorrow and be incredibly rich until the day I died, the only tears that would fall from my eyes would be tears of joy. I have to go to work tomorrow, Billy. You don't. I should be the one crying.


James Allen said...

I don't know what's worse, an athlete crying or the TV stations that feel compelled to show every last second of a person's breakdown. SNY pulled this shit during tonight's game and I had to turn it off. I don't want to see that.

P.S. And I guess Ollie can hold off on counting the $100 million Scott is going to get him after this season. Pathetic. Good thing the Mets had the power jets on.

Brian said...

You know, Ollie was going to have a bad one at some point. Let's see what happens when we're over and done. It might be that this stinker was an unmixed blessing. We get to save $10M for Ollie (I, as of now, still want to sign him) and we win the game.

Also an unmixed blessing because he walked one guy, gave up one hard hit, and 3 grounders that found holes. He was much more unlucky tonight than poor.

Deb said...

Thank goodness for some people in this world that still have the sense they were given.

Because I was wondering this morning if I was the only one that felt the way you did, Judge, watching Billy Boy's crocodile tears coming from his alligator mouth.

I'll tell you what the REAL problem is -- Billy just can't stand the thought of being out of the media spotlight for much longer than, say, one or two days. And of course, this will be much, MUCH longer.

Poor Billy, wah wah wah! However, I will NOT cry for him, Argentina. In fact, I think the team might be better off without him, as I wrote on my blog yesterday.