Monday, June 16, 2008

Fist Bump: John Peterson

Fist Bumps go out to people who link me to an article they write or to a post they make on their blog. This is not a terrorist hand signal, but a thank-you for their recognition, which invariably opens up my work to the eyes of more readers.

Sitemeter is a great thing, because it lets me know how many people a day are looking at the site and where they are coming from, both geographically and from website referrals. All of a sudden this morning, I noticed that Mets Geek was giving me a ton of referrals, which is strange because I haven't written for the site and I am not listed on their blogroll.

Enter my man John, who is already listed on my blogroll for his work at Blastings! Thrilledge. He contributed a nice piece to Mets Geek this week and I am getting a lot of hits from it. Looks like I better write something original today, or all these new visitors are going to wonder why I haven't added any insight since Saturday!

Anyway, thanks for the bump, JP, and you know I'm with you about Val Pascucci!!


tim said...

Too bad that once they start reading they will realize you don't have much insight at all.

Of course I kid the kid.

When do you start giving out Notre Dame fight song laps?

Judge Roughneck said...

When the ax swings or when I pass the road test!

John Peterson said...

Happy to help, Jack.