Tuesday, June 10, 2008

God Save the Mets

Make no mistake – this franchise is in trouble well beyond 2008.

The optimists point to young homegrown superstars like David Wright and Jose Reyes, as well as established talents like Johan Santana and Carlos Beltran, and convince themselves that these core players will be strong enough to lead this team to years of success.

The pessimists note that the Mets have just one other everyday position player (Ryan Church) and one other starting pitcher (John Maine) that could reasonably be considered in their prime. The bullpen relies on a 36-year-old closer who freely admits that he’s seen better days and a set-up man who just came back from an 18-month absence after a devastating shoulder injury. The farm system is nearly devoid of premium talent and hasn’t yielded a productive player for the Mets since Wright made his Mets debut in 2004.

One can almost hear Johnny Rotten tauntingly snarling, “No futureeeeee …”

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