Monday, June 9, 2008

MSM Musings: Roster Construction

This is a little on the lazy side, but if I link articles that someone else wrote and add a paragraph or two, it's like I created an entire post. More content = more readers!

SNY's Ted Berg hits the nail on the head today. The Nunez decision is so inexplicably stupid that it's the first time I've ever given more than a passing thought to the "Omar only likes Latinos" theory. I still think it's baloney, but what logical explanation exists for putting Abraham Nunez on a major league roster with only three healthy outfielders?

The whole organization needs an overhaul. The manager is overly conservative and does everything by the book, while still struggling to understand basic baseball strategy. The general manager's biggest skills seems to be giving richer contracts to players than anyone else will and always asking for a pitcher when he makes a trade. The ownership won't take risks of any kind - no managers who think outside the box, no general managers who know how to get good players without overpaying for them, no players who might make waves or play the game with too much heart, lest they turn into the second coming of the wild mid-80s Mets.

EDIT: Was it Berg's scathing expose that cost Nunez his job a few days later? Or was it T-Bone's inability to detect sarcasm?


MP said...

I think it's telling that there has been no public mention of the Nunez move from Omar or Willie. How could they possibly defend it?

How do you defend a career .314 SLG you say? Abraham Nunez is a career .346 hitter in the postseason, that's how. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. It's called "clutch-city" and it's sorely needed on a team full of crybaby-pussies like Delgado and Randolph.

tim said...

I have to call you a moron, MP. He's been on the scrap heap since that limited performance. It's not like the guy is the second coming of Luis Sojo. We don't need a below average infielder who can be clutch in the playoffs, we need someone who can hold down a spot in the lineup every third day or so.

I said it last season Jack after the sweep of the Phillies, fire Willie put Omar on notice. But I'll say this for Willie, if Omar doesn't significantly improve this team at the deadline,— for the future, not the playoffs mind you,— then it won't matter who manages.

I thought of a dream deal a while back and I'll bring it up again;

Beltran, Perez and Castillo for Burnett, Rios, and Hill. Obviously we'd have to include the money and maybe another player (Pagan, or a minor leaguer— Pascucci anyone). I guess I have to hope JP Riccardi is on meth, huh?

Judge Roughneck said...

sar·casm–noun 1. harsh or bitter derision or irony.
2. a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark: a review full of sarcasms.

I don't think MP was serious, Tim. Don't let the anonymity of the Internet get the best of you.

tim said...

its the heat

MP said...

I'll second the heat reference. And accept my apologies, I tend to forget that the sarcasm doesn't come through quite as much in type as it does in words.

tim said...

I'm in the AC, I take it back.