Thursday, June 12, 2008

Link Review: Mets Fever and "They Named Names"

A tip of the hat to Mets Fever, which I have been meaning to write a Link Review for but haven't yet gotten around to. Ed Ryan is a frequent contributor to the Flushing University message boards and I have recently been enjoying his blog. There are frequent updates and solid analysis, with a lot of extra content and links to other important sites and information. Go there now.

Anyway, Ed brought up a point about Jay Gibbons, the former Orioles outfielder/first baseman who was named in the Mitchell Report for alleged steroid use. Gibbons was released by the Orioles during Spring Training and still can't find work with any other major league team. He went so far as to write an open letter to every franchise, pleading for a minor league opportunity and promising to donate all minor league salary to charity if he is given an opportunity to play. No one took him up on the offer and now Gibbons, according to the ESPN article, might end up in an independent league.

Two thoughts: it would be shameful if MLB has "blacklisted" players who appeared on the Mitchell Report and is actively preventing clubs from signing players like Gibbons. MLB has been run in a shameful manner since Bud Selig became the commissioner, so it's entirely possible that there is an active campaign against these players in place. Secondly, how can the Mets - a team that's had a crying need for corner outfield depth all season - possibly ignore Gibbons' entreaty and instead sign players like Abraham Nunez to minor league deals?

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