Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Omar Minaya is a Liar

Omar Minaya: Please do not insult my intelligence any further. You claim that the decision to fire Willie Randolph was yours and yours alone, and it was made after you slept on it on Sunday night. You then claim you had to fire Willie immediately after Monday's game, so that he wouldn't hear of that decision from anyone else but you.

No thinking person believes you. You are lying on behalf of your bosses, a time-honored tradition that nevertheless is insulting to the people assembled at that press conference (who are much closer to knowing the truth than anyone else) and to the entire Mets fanbase (which has to pick and choose which version of the truth to believe).

Omar, if it was really your decision and yours alone, you could've made it at any time. You wouldn't have had to tell anyone else, because you claim to have full autonomy. The possibility that Randolph would've heard the bad news from anyone other than you would've been solely contingent on your ability not to tell anyone else.

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