Tuesday, May 20, 2008


972 games
1,028 hits
220 home runs and 655 RBI

Thank you Mike


tim said...

It was a pleasure Michael Joseph.

Now the trick is retiring #31 without Franco knowing.

Should we put Boland on suicide watch?

Judge Roughneck said...

No problem. You can reture #45 for Franco - it pains me to admit it, but he pitched for the Mets for 14 years, he deserves the honor.

At least now Boland will finally release Piazza from the Hitmen organzation.

tim said...

Then you have to dance around the Pedro issue, not that Pedro deserves a Met jersey on the fence but it does go to show how invisible Franco really was in his 14 years as a Met. I think he deserves a nod, but not the wall.

He's going to make him coach with Mex.