Saturday, May 3, 2008

Link Review: Mets Grrl

The blog roll is starting to fill up and Mets Grrl is another worthy inclusion. She's been to a lot more games than I have this season, she knows how to keep score and she linked this site even though she's very clear about her rules for link exchanges. Since I didn't write to her (although I have to admit I have been doing this with some other Met blogs I like) and she still linked me, I'll consider it an honor.

Personally, I think we all get a little thrill about seeing our name in print (why else would we do this?) and I've never known a person who didn't appreciate recognition for their abilities or their accomplishments. It's why I write to other bloggers who haven't yet linked me and why I like to write a little bit about the sites I link. And I genuinely like Mets Grrl's site; it combines analysis, humor and pictures well and has a much more professional looking layout than I have.

By the way, I hope my readers know that they should be clicking on my links every once in a while to read what some other people have to say. There's so much good stuff out there and so many intelligent points of view - take advantage of what's linked to the right.

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