Monday, May 12, 2008

Roster Move: Ramon Castro Activated From 15-Day DL

Question: How many teams in baseball have a backup cacher making $2 million a year?
Answer: How the hell should I know? Seriously, go ask some blogger who updates on a daily basis.

How do people do it anyway? I'm so impressed with the bloggers who have something insightful to write on a daily basis. I've hit hard times myself; when work is busy, it's so hard to grab 30 minutes or so just to get something down. With the semester about to end and the little monsters going home to torture Mommy and Daddy, maybe I'll be able to pick up the pace this summer.

Anyway, Destro is back. He's one of those guys who is good in small doses and instantly makes the bench better. I'd like to see a pretty set platoon between Castro and Schneider, but the impression seems to be that Schneider is simply the starter and Castro will get a game or two a week to stay sharp. Raul Casanova will now be donning the tools of ignorance for the Zephyrs, where he'll split time with the recently departed Gus Molina. Let's take a look at the active roster now:

Johan Santana
Oliver Perez
John Maine
Mike Pelfrey
Nelson Figueroa
Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez-DL
Pedro Martinez-DL

Billy Wagner (closer)
Duaner Sanchez
Pedro Feliciano
Aaron Heilman
Scott Schoenweis
Jorge Sosa
Joe Smith
Matt Wise-DL

Brian Schneider
Ramon Castro

Carlos Delgado
Luis Castillo
David Wright
Jose Reyes
Damion Easley

Moises Alou
Carlos Beltran
Ryan Church
Marlon Anderson
Endy Chavez
Angel Pagan

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