Saturday, May 3, 2008

Moving Past 100 Pitches?

I thought this deserved a brief mention: the Springfield Cardinals are increasing the pitch-count limits for their starting rotation, effective immediately. Apparently the hurlers for the Cardinals' AA affiliate will have more rope, with a max workload of about 120 pitches. From the article:

Said St. Louis pitching coordinator Dyar Miller, one of the architects behind the ramped-up rule: "I'd like to see more competition, to be truthful about it.

In the big leagues," Miller added, "if you keep getting them out, they'll leave you in there. You pitch until you run into trouble."

That's not actually true, of course. Today's managers pull their starters after seven shutout innings and only two hits if their pitch count has gone over that mythical 100 number. But fair play to the Cardinals for trying this out. Someone in the organization - presumably Miller - must've realized that the 100-pitch limit may not be the final word on protecting young pitcher's arms.

Is this the first shot in the revolution against the oppressive tyranny of the 100-pitch limit? I certainly hope so.

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