Saturday, May 24, 2008

First Guessing: 5/24/08

The Mets are leading 7-2 in the eighth inning today and have a man on second base with no one out. The pitcher's spot is coming up, but Claudio Vargas has gone seven innings and that's probably enough. He's only thrown 102 pitches, but it's on three days' rest. The entire bench is available - Raul Casanova, Brian Schneider, Damion Easley, Ryan Church and Endy Chavez. Church probably still isn't available because of his head injury.

Question: why use Endy Chavez as a pinch hitter? First of all, he's not hitting. Second of all, he's the only other outfielder on the roster right now. Nick Evans and Fernando Tatis are the corner outfielders for the Mets today; perhaps Chavez would be better used a defensive replacement for one of them?

Result: Chavez grounds out, because he can't hit his weight right now, but Luis Castillo dunks a double down the line to plate the eighth run of the game.


tim said...

However, Chavez did perform the title of this blog, by moving Evans (nice little debut here) to third base. And holy shit, Willie made the correct lineup move by putting Chavez in left and the pitcher in Evans spot.

Just to add, Delgado has a homerun in the last three games and looks to have a swing going against righties, however he should not even show up to the ballpark when a lefty is on the mound...Castillo, since May 6th, is 14-44 with 9 rbis and 12 runs scored.

Nothing to get all crazy about but I don't think they played awful last night, all in all Wagner was due to blow one, Reyes was picked off by a balk and Heilman sucks, what are you going to do? Last night just felt like a run of the mill loss. Today they look like a good ballclub. We'll see how long this lasts. Good to see some youngblood in there doing his thing, maybe it'll have a good effect on some the veterans to see a wide-eyed kid kicking around the clubhouse. I think I even saw Castillo smile after his 8th inning RBI double

tim said...

Castillo just smiled again! Hmm.