Wednesday, May 28, 2008

First Guesing: 5/28/08

* I was very happy to see Willie Randolph give Aaron Heilman a second inning of work tonight. After he struck out the side in the eighth, I called Tim to give him the business for hating on Heilman so much. We both agreed that if the Mets didn't score in the bottom of the inning that Heilman should be given another opportunity. Randolph agreed and was rewarded with a 1-2-3 inning.
* I questioned the decision to use Damion Easley at first base and Nick Evans in left field for the second straight night. Evans is more adept at first than Easley is, so it seemed like a natural decision to play him there. It didn't seem to matter, though, and the announcers even commented on slick footwork around the bag by Easley on that slow chopper to short in the ninth inning.


tim said...

While I have been driving the Heilman-Hate bandwagon since mid August of last year, I was previously known to defend him so a little credit there. He's still got another 11 straight scoreless to go before I pull the HH Wagon over to the side of the road.

I think lost in the shuffle was a Willie non-move, when Lidstrom came in the radio announcers had commented that they were surprised that Willie wouldn't pinch hit a lefty for Easley or Tatis. Considering that the two lefties were Chavez and Delgado I thiought at the time that Easley and Tatis had been swinging the bat well and deserved their shot. I wonder if Willie was avoiding using Delgado just to make a point or was saving him for later. All in all the lack of a move then worked for later as Chavez led off the ninth with the tying homer and Tatis won the game later on. I hope Willie keeps on sitting Delgado against lefties and I hope he plays Tatis until he runs dry. Since Tatis is a former third basemen, how hard would it be to stick him at first? Not sure we'd be losing anything defensively, Tatis is a better athlete than Delgado and Evans will be the next guy sent down. I think with Anderson's hamstring tear, Tatis will be staying up for a while and while he's hitting we should take advantage of it.

Wow, two in a row, good things to say about Willie and Heilman in the same post, Jack and i agreeing...this must be a dream.

tim said...

Oh, to answer your question, "dap" is a slang term used to denote positive credit for something achieved, a pat on the back if you will. I felt we should Showenweiss some "dap" for putting together a pretty nice season so far.