Saturday, May 3, 2008

Link Review: The Musings and Prophecies of Metstradamus

Not only have I been deficient with actual content this week, but I also haven't done a good job of supporting my fellow bloggers. Metstradamus and I are colleagues over at Flushing University and his blog has been sending a lot of traffic to my page (God bless Sitemeter!)

First of all, the man is a sharp cookie. When you get the Friday slot on FU's weekly roll of columnists, your article gets to stay up on the front page through the weekend. The good news is that he's a solid writer with some nice insights, so weekend visitors are getting good stuff right off the bat. It's more of the same on Metstradamus, with a lot of humor balancing intelligent analysis. The links section is incredible (and not just because I'm now on it!) and links to fan pages for just about every team in the league,

The blog has a lot of fun stuff in addition to regular Mets content; the Hate List and Critics are always interesting. (What did Mike Bibby ever do to you, John?) Plus the man has a WhatifSports ad on his page; with my luck he's probably been thrashing my Pepperdine Hoops Dynasty team for a few seasons now.

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