Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stretching Out The Starters (Flushing University)

Willie Randolph has been looking for more “length” from his starting pitchers all season. Perhaps Willie and the organizational braintrust should look to the St. Louis Cardinals’ farm system, where a former Met reliever is training their minor league starters to go deeper into games. Read more here ...

An added note: this is the first interview I've done for a column since November of 2001 and I'm pretty sure it's the first former professional baseball layer I've ever interviewed. Dyar called me at 10 am last Thursday and I had to shut the door to my new office and hope the Dean of Students wouldn't barge in asking me work questions during the interview. The conversation went well enough; I think it took Dyar a few minutes to realize I wasn't a 17-year-old kid living in my mom's basement though. Once he did, he opened up more and gave me some good material. A fully transcribed interview would've been very interesting reading, but unfortunately the call caught me off-guard and I couldn't set up the digital recorder in time.

Special thanks to Melody Yount from the St. Louis Cardinals, who arranged the interview for me.

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tim said...

So unprepared...I failed you as a mentor.